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Cyberpunk Mask X2 (WASP)

Cyberpunk Mask X2 (WASP)

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Limited-edition (20 units total) Cyberpunk Mask X2 featuring a unique custom white shield and fully adjustable flaps that can be moved or removed.

Manually crafted one by one, the Cyberpunk Mask X2 unique shield is professionally assembled using "One Way Vision" 3M film applied on the surface (it offers very limited visibility).

The Cyberpunk Mask X2 comes with a white balaclava that you can wear beneath the mask (optional). it also has soft cushion pads that you can remove for cleaning if needed. It fits most head sizes and can be adjusted using the elastic straps around the head.

IMPORTANT:  The Cyberpunk Mask X2 is primarily designed for cosplaying and photo shooting purposes. It offers very limited visibility in (further reduced at night or dark). Do not walk, run, drive or practice sports with it.

  1. This is a limited edition (handcrafted) item that takes 20 days to ship after orders are placed and confirmed.
  2. Minor imperfections, differences or errors can occur in the manual assembly and artisanal production
  3. It doesn't come with a warranty and cannot be returned  or replaced if you damage or break it.
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