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Motored Cyborg Runner

Motored Cyborg Runner

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Based on Shojo Hatsudoki mecha illustrations by Japanese artist AF_KURO, Max Factory and Sentinel teamed up to present the brand-new action figure series: Shojo-Hatsudoki Motored Cyborg Runner SSX_155 Mandarin Surf and Techno Azur Articulated figure toys.

Made in Japan, first comes SSX_115 Techno Azur in black and blue highlights, followed by the SSX_115 Mandarin Surf which features a mix of whites, greys and orange highlights. The legs and torso feature die-cast parts in some areas, giving these figures a mechanical look with lots of articulation. The figures are about 17.5cm tall.

The die-cast parts provide stability and add more to the mechanical aesthetics of the figure that are very articulated as they're meant to be street racing characters. Each set comes with the one figure, alternate face plates, replacement hands, hair piece, and display stands for static and dynamic presentations.

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