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The Stormtourist

The Stormtourist

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Limited-edition vinyl collectible figure by Spanish artist, Luaiso Lopez.

Luaiso Lopez, artist, illustrator and toy designer from Barcelona, brings a fresh outlook, polished craftsmanship and range of characters to collectible toys that are lit with souls that make them alive and instantly lovable.

Sculpted by the artist himself (except the helmet design), The Stormtourist is the brainwork of Luaiso Lopez.

This laid back trooper got it all: Beer cooler, fanny pack, sun visor, and flip flops ready to hit tropical sands.

This is an authentic item in its original, unopened box limited to 499 Worldwide.

📦 Please notice that this item takes 7 working days to ship after we receive your order.

Designer: Luaiso Lopez x ZCWO
Size:    Approx. 25cm tall
Material:    Vinyl, PVC
Articulated:    No

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