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YE [Kanye] Action Figure

YE [Kanye] Action Figure

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Fully articulated action figure doll inspired by the legendary music genius: YE

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of creativity, the acclaimed genius designer and legendary music artist can now be yours with this fully articulated 1/6 action figure toy.

Shipped in a cool carrying box, this unique set showcases the essence of YE's iconic characters, meticulously crafted in the 1/6 scale, providing a mesmerizing addition to your collection.

It comes complete with an array of cool accessories such as sunglasses, microphone, leather jacket, hoods, and even a pink hair replacement.

Each figurine is a masterpiece in its own right, capturing the intricate details that define YE's unique personality and fashion style. The characters come to life with expressive features, vibrant colors, and a sense of motion that evokes emotion and curiosity.

Crafted with a keen eye for quality, these articulated toys are carefully made from premium materials, ensuring they stand the test of time and preserve their exceptional beauty.

Whether you're a devoted fan of YE's work or an enthusiast for avant-garde art, the YE Articulated Collectible Toy is a must-have. Display it proudly in your home or office, sparking conversations and inspiring friends around you.

  • Model: YE24
  • Maker: GOON Studio
  • Size: 30cm (12")
  • Scale: 1/6 scale
  • Material: Plastic, ABS, Fabrics
  • Box Contents:
    1x Articulated Body
    1x Head Sculpt
    1x Pair Boots
    1x Replacement Hair (Pink)
    1x T-Shirt
    1x Long Sleeve Jacket
    1x Pants
    1x Microphone
    1x Sunglasses
    1x Pair Hands
    2x Head Hood
    1x Collectible Card


  1. This is a fan-made (handcrafted) item not endorsed by the artist, created for homage purposes only.
  2. This item is handcrafted and takes  14 working days to ship  after we receive & confirm your order.
  3. Table stand and toy chair (shown in some photos) not included in the set.


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