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Warriors of Future Cyberpunk Helmet

Warriors of Future Cyberpunk Helmet

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The Warriors of Future Helmet is a high-end mechanical wearable based on the actual machine armor shown in the 2022 sci-fi movie.

It comes in two versions: 1) Basic without mechanical movements (just illumination) and 2) Deluxe model with voice-controlled animatronic mechanism and illuminated eyes in interchangeable colors. The Deluxe model is limited to 2000 worldwide.

The Basic version comes with LED illuminated details and eyes that can be set to red or blue color. The Deluxe model, besides also allowing you to interchange the color of the lights, also packs an advanced animatronic mechanism that allows you to open/close the helmet's motorized face plates.

This state-of-the-art prop is a unique wearable art that packs a carefully-engineered animatronic system in the Deluxe version.

📦 Please notice that this item takes 7 working days to ship after we receive your order.


  • Voice Control in English + Chinese (Deluxe Only)
  • Motorized Animatronics (Deluxe Only)
  • Illuminated Eyes and Details

Dimensions: 23cm x 22cm x 34cm
Weight: 1kg (approx)
Scale: 1/1 Reference
Battery: AAA Battery x4

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